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Soil & Compost just arrived

Just arriving, more next week.

Hi everyone, like everybody else we have had major cost increases across the range of compost and soils, to stay competitive we are selling at last years prices but to be fair to everyone we have no deals at the moment.

All peat free multi compost - £5.99

Mother earth multi compost - £5.99

Jack's Magic Compost - £5.99

Big Tom Tomato Professional Planter - £5.99

New Horizon Tomato Professional Planter - £5.99

Westland Soil Improver (Best on the market, works well on clay areas) - £5.99

New Horizon Peat Free Multi-Compost, naturally great price. - £5.99

Ericaceous Soil, premium soil for azalea rhodadendron, camellia and pieris. Give them they soil they thrive on. - £5.99

Ericaceous soil is insurance for your plants and can be used with all plants. Please also note that Milti-purpose compost should NOT be used on Azaleas, Camellias, Pieries or Rhodadendrons.

Hope to see you soon.

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